A long-term outcomes study to assess STatin Residual risk reduction with EpaNova in hiGh cardiovascular risk patienTs with Hypertriglyceridemia

  • Patient Population – Patients with a stable diet and on statin therapy for at least 4 weeks and have an LDL <100, triglyceride levels ≥ 180 and < 500 and is a high risk patient for future cardiac events.
  • Study Description – The aim of this study is to see whether a concentrate of omega-3 free fatty acids can decrease the risk of resinous heart problems. This study will last approximately 4 years with visits every 6 months. This study will include blood draws, EKGs, vital signs, physical exams, diet counseling and dispensing study drug. Patients will be asked to adhere to a TLC guide or equivalent diet throughout the study. All study related testing will be completed at no cost to the patient. Compensation may occur for qualified patients.  
  • Sponsor – AstraZeneca
  • Contact Information –  (402) 384 – 2705,
  • Clinical Trials Government Link
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